Opportunities by Division

  • Management

    Melanie Thompson, Assistant Property Manager at Zang Triangle & Stephanie Burns Property Manager at Estancia at Morningstar

  • Maintenance

    Catalina Cuevas, Riverstone Apartments Housekeeper

  • Leasing

    Eastin Isaac, Recruiter / Brand Specialist & Robin Finney, Marketing Content Specialist

The Venterra Skinny

A Time to Honor American Heros

Why do we honor our American Heroes on Memorial Day? It started with the Civil War, in which over half a million died. The war started in 1861 and lasted through 1865 where the last battle was fought in Venterra’s …

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Feeling uninspired? Your walls might be to blame.

If you find yourself feeling gloomy, uninspired, or dragging the reason might not be what you’d expect. If your work space is a boring beige, gray, or white it could actually be negatively impacting your productivity. It’s time for an …

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Apartment Living Like a Pro!

If you’ve embraced all the perks of apartment living the way that we have, we think it’s important that you are doing it to the best of your ability! Courtesy of refinery29.com comes some great tips for making the most out of …

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Venterra Waters Down!

Our focus on Better Living is a big part of Venterra’s unique culture. In addition to encouraging working on personal goals, this year we’ve created 30 Day Better Living challenges. Each month a new 30 Day Challenge will roll out and everyone is …

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